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At HMH, we believe hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to tackle stress, anxiety, phobias and a range of other issues. Our primary concern is to achieve the change you’re seeking in order to improve your quality of life, and our performance recovery clinic has the potential to do just that.

As a locally owned and operated service, our friendly and experienced hypnotists work with you to understand exactly what your problems are and the changes you want to make. We can then tailor an advanced medical or performance hypnosis plan to your specific needs in order to achieve the fastest and most effective results. With methods that have been refined and developed over many years, you can be sure that you’re going to get maximum results in the shortest possible timeframe.



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Our unique blend of hypnosis techniques is designed to align your conscious and subconscious processes in the easiest and most effective way. We want you to become self-sufficient by removing your problem and enhancing your performance, meaning there will be no need for ongoing therapy. After noticing a positive change in your behaviour and performance, you may be encouraged to continue with our ongoing performance enhancement treatment to unlock your full potential.


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